Now You’re In New York!

Hey everyone! Man, what can I say about the Empire State that has not been said yet. It’s big, it’s amazing, it’s full of adventure, it is NEW YORK! I started my first day at my internship at The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey on January 4th so in the next couple of posts I will update on my progress at the work place. For this post, however,  I want to give you an inside look at my commute and how I arrive in Manhattan.

I live in New Jersey alongside the beginning of the Jersey Shore in the town of Middletown. Middletown is a beautiful town and is even featured in Weird New Jersey books. People say there are hauntings in the town. Besides the hauntings and attractions (I.E. Keansburg Amusement Park and Runaway Rapid Water Park) the town is home to many famous stars, as well as the largest volunteer first aid department squad in the world. Yep the world. Many people who work in the great city of New York reside there.

So how do you get from Middletown to New York City? There are many ways to reach the city from Middletown. One would be the train. The Middletown Train Station picks you up and drops you off right inside Penn Station in the middle of the city. You can also hop on a bus and arrive at the Port Authority Train Station just a couple blocks off of Times Square. In warmer weather many commuters decide to hop on the ferry and boat across the Hudson River which can drop you off at multiple stops in Manhattan. Of course, you can always drive into the city. I decided to use the bus since the bus can pick me up only 4 blocks from my house.

My alarm clock goes off around 5:10 and 5:15 am ( 5 minutes for the snooze). Once I shower and get all my items for the day together,  I make my walk to the bus stop around ten to six and six o’clock in the morning. The bus I wait for picks me and other commuters up at or around 6:16 am. In the winter the brutal cold stings at your nose and the wind can really make you feel as if your going to get frost bite and never feel your ears again. Bundling up is the key and walking around the stop to keep the blood flowing. The bus ride takes about an hour and fifteen minutes and I arrive at 40th and 8th Street at the Port Authority Bus Terminal at or around 7:20 and 7:30 am. From here it is all about the hike. I make my way to my subway train along with thousands of other New Yorkers. Here is where you feel like you live in New York as you are briskly walking down the subway tunnels trying to avoid people who are walking slow and staying out of the path of the marathon runners who seem that they were late for work a half hour ago. In reality, they probably do not have to be in work till 9 am.

My subway train is the 1 train and I board right underneath Times Square at 42nd Street. The train takes about ten to fifteen minutes and my stop is on 18th and 7th. Now I have a couple blocks to walk to Park Avenue South. This is my favorite part of the commute because the true spirit of New York is in full effect. You hear taxis whipping by as you wait to cross the street, car horns going off to tell other drivers they are behind them or other vulgar phrases are muttered in which you can read their lips through the windows of the car. People chatting on their phones about either shopping or business that needs to happen today, and the smell of street cart vendors that makes you feel as if your nose had a wallet or bank account they would be broke in seconds. There are days I walk by and the smell is so intriguing that give in and get some food to satisfy my growling stomach.

I arrive at work at or around a quarter to eight in the morning. In future post I will go into detail about my work experience, but I wanted to show everyone how long a Manhattan work day is if one does not live in NY. My day comes to an end at 4 pm. This is where my journey home begins. Take everything I stated before and reverse it. I usually board the 1 train around twenty after four and board my bus home at twenty to five. I arrive at my bus stop around ten to six. It is an extremely long day, just a little over 12 hours. No one said it would be easy and I am determinded to make this work. I love this internship and over the next couple of posts I hope to show you why. So until next time, Get Outta Here but do not Fuggitbout my blog (I had to do it).


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One Response to “Now You’re In New York!”

  1. Anne Heineman Batory Says:

    Brian – It is so great to hear about your amazing experiences, especially your first engagement with the site of the WTC. Great work with the Air Train and recording the memorial. Have a super great semester!

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